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Newly Published – TE Decision Maker’s Checklist

In 2015 GridWise® Architecture Council (GWAC) published the Transactive Energy Framework, intended to be useful to multiple stakeholders involved in application of transactive energy systems. The Council is further extending the document through the creation of a Transactive Energy Decision Maker’s Checklist, to introduce the concepts of transactive energy to executives and other industry decision makers. The Checklist is a tool that will help a decision maker reflect on and assess the best long-term value for all parties relative to a possible investment in a transactive energy system. Decision-makers can use the Checklist to review electricity-related policy or asset investment proposals. It includes a brief introduction to transactive energy and then section two provides guidance about framing the business/operational challenges and goals facing decision-makers, while section three provides questions that seek to validate the transactive energy approach for the challenges facing decision-makers in a number of areas.

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