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Call for Candidates

Q. What type of council member are you looking for?

The GridWise Architecture Council Bylaws call for renewing roughly one-quarter of the members each year. GWAC members need to be technically competent and well respected in their area. They will represent the best practices and trends in their industry and bridge ideas between the various members within the council. Externally, they are spokespeople for the vision and directions of the Council and have the notoriety and visibility to reach out into their technical and business community.

A Nominations Committee will review candidacies with the goal to select nominees that will best contribute knowledge and experience in the areas needed for balanced representation on the council. As part of the candidate review process, nominees will be scrutinized regarding the stature and respectability that they hold within their field of endeavor, and their knowledge of communication and control technical issues, as well as existing and emerging solutions. The architecture needs to be rooted in a solid technical base.

The process defined for the Nominations Committee neither differentiates between large or small companies, nor between private, public or academic sectors for any of the seats. Obtaining a broad range of competency and representation of the various sectors is key. The capacity of each member to contribute to the Architecture Council as an individual and as part of the complete Council will be considered.

The Council is a sum of many very different highly qualified individuals from a variety of sectors related to the GridWise vision, so we encourage you to submit your candidacy even if your experience only partially covers the areas described-no single candidate is expected to encompass all of the qualities which will be needed in the GridWise Architecture Council.

Q. How technical is the work of the Architecture Council?

The Council is expected to invest significant effort in setting the architectural direction and reference framework. The technical support team complements the Council in areas where more expertise or time for heavy lifting is needed than is appropriate for the Council. This technical team is dynamic, and formed at the discretion of the Council.

Q. What is the process for filling vacant seats in the GWAC?

When one or more seats become open on the GWAC, the Chair requests that the administrator launch a call for candidates, indicating the number of member seats to be filled and providing guidance on specific candidate attributes which may be needed to fulfill GWAC requirements for skills, experience, and cross-industry representation. The response to the call for candidates is open to anyone (including GWAC members whose term has expired).

The GWAC coordinators will accept submissions until the candidate submission period is closed. When candidacies are received, the coordinators will verify that information is complete and contact candidates to confirm that their submission has been received and request further clarifications if necessary.

After the Call for Candidates is closed, all complete and valid candidacies will be submitted to the Nominations Committee, responsible for selecting nominees from the pool of candidates. The nominees presented by the Nominations Committee must be approved by the GWAC Confirmation Committee.

Q. What is the time frame for the current Call for Candidates?

Approximately one-quarter of the seats on the Council are renewed each year.

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