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Q. What are the benefits of GWAC membership?

Active participation in the GridWise Architecture Council offers a unique opportunity to shape the information, telecommunications and control architecture for the future electric system from generation to end-use. Members benefit from discussions, technical support, and workshop presentations that review needs and interoperability trends from relevant sectors of the economy. They have a unique and prestigious chance to influence the strategic role electric energy will continue to play in the future success of this country.

What are the time commitments for council members? Depending upon a member's contribution to the GWAC, we estimate 10 to 20% of their time is needed. We have made this assessment based on experiences reported by similar efforts. The Council is intentionally proposed at 13 members so that a team environment is created to make progress during meetings as well as between meetings. We understand that excellent candidates will already be overcommitted (hard to imagine them excellent otherwise). This is a unique challenge which good people are rising to meet.

Council membership is a serious undertaking that may involve personal sacrifice. It is not a paid position, but one's contributions can have great impact on the future of the nation's economy and security.

Can a council seat be shared? Some companies have inquired about possibilities of having organizational memberships, a shared seat, or a second seat for a member who could represent expertise not covered by the primary council member and alleviate some of the time commitment. The idea of having a primary and secondary representative to the GWAC can be considered in extraordinary circumstances. However, assembling an effective team requires consistent participation by members who provide continuity and develop a collective perspective for the GridWise technical issues. We also have specialists attend council meetings to present and discuss items needing better representation than may be covered by the members.

Q. Is there any support for meeting attendance?

GWAC Members who attend face-to-face Council meetings are expects to cover their travel expenses with limited exceptions on a case by case basis subject to DOE concurrence. Affiliated organizations' willingness to help defray costs and support the GWAC's efforts is greatly appreciated.

Q. What are 'open' seats on the Council?

As the GridWise Architecture Council matures, the structure may be refined. Current representation on the GWAC aims to cover a broad array of sectors: energy (utilities, energy service companies, distributed generation, transmission operations...), IT and telecommunications (integration, internet, b2b, networking...), home/buildings, markets/finance, consumer interests, and regulators. Some seats on the GWAC are not targeted to any one sector because in many cases individual members will contribute knowledge and experiences across multiple sectors. The open seats also allow some flexibility in the Council's composition to accept exceptional contributors or emphasize areas where representation may become important as the Council's activities evolve over time.

Q. How can a standards or trade organization best cooperate with GWAC?

One of the best ways a group can co-operate with the mission and vision of the GWAC is to have a well-established expert with interoperability and standards making experience become a member of the Council. The GWAC's structure acknowledges roles for liaisons to other groups. Some of these roles may be fulfilled by council members themselves, or non-voting individuals may be invited to fulfill such roles. As the Council progresses, convenience and efficiency can point to co-locating meetings with other groups, particularly if one or more council members are also involved in activities of those groups.

Q. Does the Council ever request research studies from outside the Council?

The GWAC may ask for studies or presentations from time to time. This work is contracted to industry, academia, or research laboratories.

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