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Call for Candidates 2019

Status: Open
Submission Deadline: Open (during review of pending GWAC administrative changes)
Annual Call for Candidates: (PDF 78KB)
Submission Guidelines: (PDF 245KB)
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Bylaws: (PDF 33KB)

The GridWise® Architecture Council (GWAC) conducts membership renewal each year. As a guideline, roughly one-quarter of the membership is refreshed each year with new members. Member terms last two years. This year the Architecture Council announces seven open seats and seeks candidates to represent interests in a number of areas.

There are seven seats to be filled in this cycle. Two council members whose term is up for the renewal have indicated their interest to serve another 2-year term. While existing members willing to renew their membership have the advantage of being familiar with the Council, the Nominations Committee's job is to develop a slate of candidates that best meets the desired attributes specified for a Council with balanced representation.

Desired Attributes

We are looking for qualified candidates with experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Complex, system of systems theory, architecture, requirements, and design methodology
  • Electric utility strategic planning, management, operations, and market interactions
  • Electric power system automation and energy management systems
  • Distributed energy resource aggregation and integration (e.g., generation, storage, and load for demand-side participation)
  • Building technologies and grid integration including, residential and commercial building automation and system integration, including consumer appliances, building controls, building energy management systems, electronics, and electric vehicles
  • Legislative, regulatory, and economic electricity policy
  • Incorporation of environmental externalities into system operations, including energy efficiency and sustainability aspects
  • Telecommunication wide-area networking (e.g., metering, SCADA, remote management systems)
  • Consumer and consumer advocacy (includes industrial/commercial energy acquisition and management)

Council Background and Mission

Please familiarize yourself with the Call for Candidates reference material, and then consider whether you have the qualifications and desire to submit your candidacy or know other experts you can recommend.

Background materials on the GridWise Architecture Council are listed on the GWAC website and include:

Further information describing the GridWise Architecture Council, current members, current activities, and meeting minutes is available on-line at

Submission Guidelines

Who should apply for Council membership?

We encourage submissions for any qualified, interested individual. Candidacy is not limited to specific companies or membership in any organization; however, the candidates for the open seats must be recognized for expertise in one or more of the areas listed in the desired attributes section above.

Key factors to be considered in selecting nominees for the GWAC include:

  • Visionary Capability: Members are expected be capable of understanding and contributing to the multi-disciplinary aspects of the Architecture Council mission. They should demonstrate a history of innovation. Some may exercise such vision in competitive or entrepreneurial ways.
  • Team Effectiveness: Members are expected to work effectively within the scope of the Architecture Council and within its organizational environment as a team.
  • Credibility and Outreach: Members should be deemed credible by GridWise stakeholders as a whole and able to relay and leverage GridWise Architecture Council messages through the stakeholder community, contributing to underlying consensus building goals of GridWise.
  • Recognition: Members are expected to be recognized experts in their technical fields of endeavor.

Council members are expected to invest significant effort in setting the architectural direction and reference framework. This means that investigation and presentation of concepts and results are natural components of this work. A serious commitment to attend meetings and review relevant material is required. Members filling open seats will be expected to contribute 5% and up to 20% of their time (approximately four meetings per year with a similar number of web-conferences). To mitigate the demand on council member's time and broaden input from other areas of expertise, dynamic work groups or task forces composed of outside resources may be formed and drawn upon at the discretion of the Architecture Council to support these efforts.

Submission Requirements

While compiling the elements needed for a complete candidate submission, we encourage potential candidates to initially indicate their intent to submit as soon as possible through a simple email to including candidate's name, title, company, and a resume if available.

A complete submission should include:

  1. Candidate's letter of motivation
  2. Candidate's complete resume that includes or is supplemented with professional details covering publications, awards, recognitions, memberships in organizations, elected positions, etc.
  3. Completed GridWise Architecture Council Candidacy Form (available for download at
  4. Letter of support from candidate's affiliate organization

Resumes or additional professional information should provide details on the range of experience and skills that may be related to GridWise® and Architecture Council needs.

Submissions may be sent by email, fax, or by mail to the GridWise Architecture Council Coordinators:

By e-mail or fax:
(509) 372-4353
By mail:
Mark Knight
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
P.O. Box 999, MS J4-90
Richland, WA 99352

Selection Process Time Frame

The GridWise Architecture Council coordinators will accept submissions from candidates through January 31, 2019. GWAC coordinators will verify that the information is complete and will contact candidates to confirm their submission. Nominee confirmation date is set for February 22, 2019. If any changes are expected, candidates will be informed.

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