Mark Kerbel

Mark Kerbel co-founded Encycle Corporation, formally REGEN Energy, Inc., in 2005 and serves as its executive vice president of business development and Chief Technology Officer. Kerbel served as president of Encycle Corporation. Prior to forming Encycle Corporation, he served as a founding partner of the SPi Group, one of Canada's leading software solutions providers for the retail energy sector. Kerbel is a member of the OpenADR alliance. He has chaired and/or been invited to participate on a number of committees in the energy sector including the Electronic Business Transaction Standards Working Group of the Ontario Energy Board, the Technology Joint Sector Committee of the Ontario Energy Association, the Smart Meter Initiative of the Ontario Energy Board and the Regulated Price Plan Initiative of the Ontario Energy Board. He has been chairman of the board of Encycle Corporation. since March 22, 2012. Kerbel obtained his bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Waterloo.