Wayne Longcore

Mr. Longcore is the Director of Enterprise Architecture & Standards and Chief Architect for Consumers Energy; a Governance Board member of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel and a Board of Directors member of the UCAIug. As a member of the "LA 15", he is a co-author of the model Smart Grid Roadmap.

As chief architect at Consumers Energy, Mr. Longcore's responsibilities encompass Information Technologies, Operational Technologies and Network Technologies. Wayne is currently the company's chief architect for the Smart Grid Program as well, with a stated goal of providing communications and control infrastructure for the evolving Smart Grid including Metering, Distribution modernization, Demand Response and Load Control.

Mr. Longcore is a member of the ZigBee alliance, the HomePlug alliance, and EEI. His team participates in or leads many areas of the nation's Smart Grid standards development. In addition, Mr. Longcore is a co-chair of the NAESB Smart Grid Task force, the SAP lighthouse council, the AMI enterprises task force, a member of the NEMA standards team on upgradeability, technical lead of the phy/mac & networking sessions in Washington DC for NIST and a member of the Open Smart Grid Technical Committee.

Wayne Longcore's position as the Director of Architecture and Standards for Consumers Energy places the responsibility of assuring that as an industry we reach an optimal Standards based Architectural direction. His work over the last 3 years has been almost solely dedicated to promoting a consistent vision, architecture and set of standards to foster the future of the smart grid.