Gordon Matthews

Gordon currently serves as the embedded Transmission representative within the BPA Office of Technology Innovation. This is his 23th year with BPA in a career that includes a range of assignments spanning the power marketing, corporate, and transmission business functions. As part of the OTI, he helps BPA focus its research dollars to best meet the needs and address the challenges of BPA, the Pacific Northwest and to seek collaboration opportunities with the research agenda of the US DOE.

All told, Gordon brings 33 years experience in the electric utility industry. His assignments include extensive work in power transmission and distribution (both OH and UG) and generation. He has participated in or managed over 350 projects relating to evaluation of utility system components and applications. Gordon has prepared and delivered seminars, developed workshops and short courses for EPRI and PTI in cable pulling fundamentals, based on accepted practices and his original research/testing and has numerous presentations to professional organizations to his credit.

Formally educated (Ga. Tech) and licensed in mechanical engineering (WA), his diverse experience extends beyond project design and management of the BPA Mechanical and Civil Laboratories to devising a standardized revenue forecasting platform for the BPA retail power sales hub, providing principal policy recommendations on strategic issues and establishing and implementing procedures and methodologies for economic analysis.