Michael McCoy

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Portland, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Mathematics from Oregon State University. He has done Post Doctoral work in Operations Research at Cornell (game theory) and Stanford (large scale optimization). Currently he holds two positions. He is the Vice President for Quantitative Analysis at Becker Capital Management, an investment advisory firm located in the United States, and he is a Technical Director of Power Systems Research Inc. (PSRI), a power sector consulting company located in Brazil.

At Becker Capital Dr McCoy works in the financial markets. He uses advanced mathematical techniques to identify mispriced risk/return patterns in the derivatives markets and develops methods to take advantage of these mispricings for the benefit of various client groups. This work uses advanced techniques in derivative instrument pricing as well as concepts in investor psychology.

At PSRI Dr. McCoy works in power systems analysis often blending in his background in financial markets. Current work has a theme of determining a prudent regulation strategy in restructured or restructuring power markets. Here the concepts include: the proper pricing of electricity derivatives, especially in hydro dominated systems; the behavior of profit maximizing utilities in a deregulated environment, and the assessment of appropriate risk management for different types of electric power sector participants.