Richard Schomberg

Richard Schomberg, VP Research EDF International, grew up in a French American environment. Master of Sciences of Ecole Superieure d'Electricite, he has been holding many management positions for 25 years at EDF R&D. In 1980, he created a start up company designing microcomputer software distributed for the first time in French bookstores (revenue 6M$ over 18 months). He has been Professor of System Engineering at Ecole Superieure d'Electricite for 6 years, and Chair of Intelligrid Architecture and Strategy Committee.

He is presently President elect at IEC (World Standard Organization) in charge of "System aspects for energy delivery", member of the Technology Advisory Board of the Southern California Edison AMI project, and Chair of Intelligrid Distribution. He has the responsibility of EDF R&D activities in North America. He designs and negotiates strategic innovation partnerships in priority with the Electric Power Research Institute (Palo Alto), National Laboratories, Universities and scientific/technical innovation players.