Don Watkins

Since 1981, Don Watkins has worked in various positions for the Bonneville Power Administration, including a Field System Protection and Control Engineer, an Operations Engineer (Studies, Procedures, Dispatch support), an Operations Engineering Supervisor, Manager of Technical Operations (Operations Engineering, Control requirements, Operations Data, etc.), Manager of Operating and Scheduling Practices, and Special Short Term Assignments including RTO Coordination, Aug 14 Blackout Investigation, BPA ATC (transmission inventory) Manager, and Scheduling support.

Mr. Watkins chaired the August 10, 1996, Blackout Disturbance Team, which analyzed and reported on the disturbance. It was unprecedented in scope and impact on the way grid reliability was looked at. He also chaired the WECC Information Management Committee during this time which included membership on the Joint Steering Committee. This group made many decisions and developed responses in the aftermath of the Blackout.

Mr. Watkins founded and chaired the Northwest Power Pool (NWPP) Coordinated Outages Group. This group worked in coordination with key stakeholders to develop a successful process and systems to coordinate all outages in the NWPP area that could impact transmission capabilities so that the market, maintenance functions, and operators could have participation and predictability at least a month ahead of a month that significant outages would occur in.

Mr. Watkins holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington.